Solving real customer problems with durable Azure functions

On this episode we chat with Louis Berman, host of the AzureAbility podcast, on how he used Azure functions to quickly build a solution to ingest massive amounts of XML data being sent from trading partners his customer interfaced with. We see how you can quickly build solutions using Azure functions and walk through building more complex functions that maintain […]

Creating and Establishing Security Parameters in the Cloud

As more people have started to trust their data, business and personal information to the data centers that power the cloud, it’s ushered in a new era of cybersecurity. Microsoft Azure was built with modern security and privacy in mind. It’s also a controlled ecosystem protected by people who spend all day thinking about data security and privacy. Join our […]

DevOps, Agile & Azure

DevOps, Agile & Azure

DevOps automates and speeds software delivery. It makes your process and your products more reliable. When you implement DevOps technologies and practice, you provide value to your customers faster—in the form of new and innovative products, or enhancements to existing ones. Join our IT experts and the Cloud Simplified team from Redmond as they discuss the impact DevOps, Agile and […]